GOLD is recognized as being REAL MONEY in EVERY country in the NONE.

Fiat Paper Currencies are Paper and Perishable. Gold: Stability and Safety for Your Future! Karatbars goal is to provide a solution to create financial security and a hedge against the falling purchasing power of the world’s fiat paper currencies, with 24 Karat 999.9 Gold.

This is 999.9 pure 24k gold (the best quality in the world) certified by LBMA refineries and accessible in a transportable form of currency. Just like you carry $1, $5, or $20 bills . Now there is 1g, 2.5g, and even 5g of gold that is the size of a credit card.

HERE IS WHY everybody should start exchanging paper money for Gold money !!

(*real money)

Gold is a legitimate, proven, hard asset which retains its purchasing power, while the value of paper currency steadily decreases. Karatbars International is committed to putting gold bullion of the highest quality, into hands of the masses in small, practical units as a personal savings plan, and as a hedge against inflation or sudden currency devaluation. Karatbars affiliate members are there to help others in this process. Karatbars provides a unique way to save, by offering an alternative to banks and paper money (fiat money). This is the best way to preserve your wealth. Gold is the only asset that has proven the test of time (it's inflation-proof and can never go bankrupt). Historically, paper money has always failed. We know the state of US and European economies. If you truly understand the steadily diminishing worth of paper money or "fiat currencies" and the timeless value and purchasing power of gold, then we believe it is time to empower yourself and take personal control over your wealth and financial future by getting out from under the debt-based fiat currency system. One can easily begin to do this by converting paper and digital money into affordable, portable, storable and usable Karatbars gold bullion: real gold currency.

Karatbars International offers a way to reliably and simply move small amounts of paper money into gold savings securely stored for you or delivered to you.

Not just any gold but 24
karat 999.9 fine gold bullion produced by an LBMA accredited refinery.

Gold is financial insurance
Imagine affordable gold bars as small as 1 gram shipped by FedEx right to your front door every week or every month.

Real money with the store of value to protect your savings against devaluing paper currency and inflation.

Why Gold?

Create a real long term “inflation proof” saving

Gold is your best protection against inflation.
Did you know ? Everybody can afford gold. NOW with this user-friendly Gold currency.