Anyone who has ever sat down with a retirement advisor knows the news is generally not good. In America, the vast majority of citizens are not saving enough, don't have an appropriate retirement nest egg for their age and most don't even have a solid plan on how to get to where they want to be financially so they can retire. 

The reports are troubling, with survey after survey revealing a lack of appropriate savings. 


Risk Taking 
In this backdrop, a new crop of financial advisors are sending the message that older investors need to hold larger allocations to the stock market (against the traditional wisdom of scaling back on riskier stock investments as one gets closer to retirement). 

Yield-starved and investors with income needs have been pushed into the stock market amid a lack of any other alternatives. A generation of older investors who historically would be sitting in safer investments, such as bank CDs or more heavily weighted toward fixed-income is being pushed into the equity arena. 

Is this wise? 
The stock allocation recommendations are being extended higher and higher –now even those entering retirement are getting the advice of holding outsized stock exposure based on the idea that "you don't want to outlive your money." 

For now, the Fed's ultra-loose monetary policies are continuing to provide a short-term floor under the stock market. But, at some point, this artificial support of near-zero interest rates for a historic 8-year run will end. Once the Fed pulls the rug out of the stock market, what will this do to your money? 

Recent U.S. Bear Markets: Crash 
March 2000 to October 2002 
The S&P 500 fell 49.1% over 30 months. 
Great Financial Crisis 
October 2007- March 2009 
S&P 500 fell 56.4% over 17 months 

There is a host of other black clouds: 

Uncertainty over the Brexit shakeout,
A new U.S. President,
The rise in crude oil prices,

India currency devaluation,

the U.S. deficit.

Gold Is a Shelter in the Storm 
At the end of the day, investors want and need investments that can stabilize (and grow) the value of their current assets in future purchasing power terms –and that is where gold comes in right now. 

Investors are beginning to understanding that hard assets are where the value is. Not just paper assets, and not even just gold ETFs. Physical gold ownership is a true hedge for one's financial security and financial future. How much of your portfolio is allocated towards gold?
Now is the time to protect your life savings.  

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Will You Outlive Your Retirement Nest Egg?

Not If It's Golden